for our partners


Each year we host events among the largest in the MENA region. We offer large student fairs in Lebanon, Egypt, Kuwait and Qatar alongside smaller, more intimate sessions in the format of information sessions in the same countries plus Morocco, Bahrain, Oman and the UAE. Every year we meet thousands of students and travel with our exhibiting partners.

School Relationships

We work with over 125 schools in the MENA region and boast close relationships with their counselling teams. We have dedicated staff to cultivate and maintain these relationships. We’ve even built an online portal where school counsellors can track the progress of their students, increasing trust and transparency.


We support our partners by offering personalised advertising campaigns to help reach their recruitment goals. We boast an impressive organic reach of 1,400,000 on Facebook, 167,000 on Twitter and 85,000 on Instagram.

for our students

Free Application Service

We’re unique within our market, as we don’t charge students for any of our services. We work directly with our institution partners on your behalf, so students won’t pay a thing to us.

Exclusive Scholarships

By partnering direct with institutions, we are able to offer partial scholarships, some exclusive to students applying through a Global Study UK counsellor.

Student Visa Support

We have our own, dedicated visa counselling team based in our London headquarters who are always available to support our students with their interview preparation and boast a 99.9% visa approval rate.


We support students in finding their dream home, whether they want to be a university or private tenant. We even have access to thousands of rooms exclusively listed through our accommodation partners.